Our choir provides support for sung prayer and glorifies God through the beauty of music. 

Choir season lasts from Labor Day to Memorial Day, although we meet at other times for special liturgies.

Ministry schedule: The choir regularly sings at the 9 a.m. Mass at North Lake, and occasionally sings at the 11 a.m. Mass at Monches.

Rehearsals: During choir season, the choir rehearses on Thursdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the North Lake church. Regular attendance is appreciated, but not required. We gladly accommodate the needs of members’ schedules. The area from which the choir sings is fully accessible.

All members of the parish are welcome to join the choir, regardless of musical experience. A few of our members are skilled music professionals, but most are not. The only requirements are a love of singing and a spirit of service toward our parish. We are a welcoming and caring group that always takes time to enjoy fellowship with one another. New members may join at any time!

Contact Kay Moen with any questions: 966-2191 x104 or kay@stteresaofcalcutta.org