Thank you to these donors who have purchased flowers for our altars in memory of or in honor of someone for $20 to cover the cost of the decorations/flowers.

Something new for Christmas (Nov./Dec.) and Easter (Feb. / March)!! We have offering envelopes in your regular contribution packages. If you donate $10 or more, your memorial name will be listed on our website, and once in our bulletin in thanks. For all other months, we will go back to the $20 asking donation/monthly format.

2016 Christmas Flower Donations

The Apuli Family

Fran & Gert Arndorfer from their children

Gert, Margaret, Dorothy  & Marge T. by the Counters

Dick Banse by Carol Banse

Jeff Becker by his friends

Willy Biasi by Angela Schallhorn

Sarah Bosshard

The Brunkan Family

Richard Bucci

Donald & Josiane Burkart by Vivianne & Stephen Whitcomb

Campion & Konieczka Families by Carol & Ron Konieczka

Armand Chartre by Jean Schlidt

Marie Cleary byTom & Diane Cleary

Frank Cleveland & Family by Verna Cleveland

Ron Cooper by Barbara Cooper

Kevin Cull by Dorothy & Joanne Cull

Kevin Cull by Don & Debra Cull

Thomas Cull by Dorothy & Joanne Cull

Tom Cull by Don & Debra Cull

Alfred Czaplewski by Audrey & Debra Czaplewski

Helen Czaplewski by Audrey & Debra Czaplewski

Fr. Paul Esser by Vivianne & Stephen Whitcomb

The Essma Family

Tom & Mary Gallagher by the McBroom Family

Kenneth Gilbertson by Diane Gilbertson

The Gorichanaz Family by the Kannenberg Family

Marland & Lillian Grimm by the Booth Family

Albert Gundlach by Jo Ann Gundlach & Family

George Gurjarow by Elaine Redlich

Dan & Kate Hanrahan by Dan & Bonnie Hanrahan

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Hawkins by Richard & Holly Hawkins

Mr. Dennis Hefter by Richard & Holly Hawkins

Heisdorf & S.Wasielewski Families

Heppe & Nevinski Families by Ken & Janet Heppe

Donald & Shirley Herbert by Gary & Denise Herbert

The Hevey Family

Richard Hobl by the Porosky Family

Patrick M. Hogan by Tim & Joan Hogan

Ron Hora by Sandi Hora

Ron Hora by Jean Schlidt

The Ihlenfeld Family

Dick Kaiser by the Kaiser & Mislang Families

The Kannenberg Family

Art Kehl by Jacyntha Shaw & David Ulrich

Patricia Kilpatrick by Diane Gilbertson

Mark Klingele by Jacyntha Shaw & David Ulrich

The Klokow Family by Catherine Klokow

Tony & Anna Krause by Jim & Cheri Krause

Richard & Evelyn Krueger by the Hasler Family

Anna Krupp by Audrey & Debra Czaplewski

The Minerath Family

Jenny Mislang by the Kaiser & Mislang Families

In memory of deceased members of the Moran & Olson families by Allen & Ellen Olson

Thomas Morrissette by Dorothy Morrissette

Thomas Morrissette by Dawn Timm

Frank Murel by Judie Murel

Earl & Aundrey Niemann by the Niemann Family

Lester & Hildegard Nigh by Jim & Cheri Krause

Beverly Nottling by Vivianne & Stephen Whitcomb

Michael O’Driscoll by Debbie O’Driscoll

Christy Lee Olejnik by Randy & Susan Olejnik

James Pagel by Marcy Pagel

John & LaVerne Pastorek by Barbara Cooper

Richard Petri by Debbie O’Driscoll

Richard & Marlene Petri by Gary & Denise Herbert

Janice Plehn by Dorothy & Joanne Cull

David Porosky by the Porosky Family

Connie & Francis Puerzer by Kay & Steve Kubisch

Sally Rakowski by Audrey & Debra Czaplewski

Mrs. Emma Ray by Richard & Holly Hawkins

Marc Rosario by Vivianne & Stephen Whitcomb

Lawrence & Helen Rossebo by John & Kathy Schmidt

Peter & Richard Rumpf by Jo Ann Rumpf

The Rupert Family

The Sattler Family by the Kannenberg Family

Barbara Schallhorn by Angela Schallhorn & Family

Richard Schallhorn by Angela Schallhorn & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Schweitzer by Richard & Holly Hawkins

Fr. Charles Scheuerell by Vivianne & Stephen Whitcomb

Paul & Hazel Schleiss by Jo Ann Rumpf

Bob Schlidt by Jean Schlidt

Bill Schuck by Fran Schuck

Christopher  Schuck by Fran Schuck

Mr. & Mrs. Willard Schuck by Fran Schuck

The Schulze Family

The Schweiger Family by John & Lynn Schweiger

Semrow & Bautz Families

The Senfleben Family by Dan & Maureen Arndorfer

Kellan Sorenson by Richard & Holly Hawkins

Donna Stapleton by Don & Debra Cull

Glenway Stapleton by Geraldine Stapleton

Bill & Gaye Stemper by a friend

Robert & Alma Sterr by Tim & Diane Cull & Family

Ruth Sukup by Linette Sukup

Ruth Sukup by Don & Debra Cull

Marie Teutenburg by Fran Schuck

Don Theama by Fran Schuck

Chet & Loretta Treba by the Niemann Family

The Tremmel Family

Rose Turinske by Judie Murel

John Van De Boom by Tom & Jessica Kurz

Ralph L. Wabiszewski by Rose Marie Wabiszewski

Ella Wanek by Jo Ann Rumpf

Juliette Welch

The Whitcomb Family

The Witterholt Family by John & Lynn Schweiger

Charles, Dorothy & Florence Yost by Tim Yost

The Zylka Family by Elaine Redlich

Active & Retired Military, Veterans & their Families

Thank you to all these families for their support of our Christmas Flowers and decorations in memory of their loved ones.