St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish: Church Locations

North Lake Location: W314 N7462  State Highway 83 Hartland
Monches Location: W302 N9583 O’Neil Road, Hartland
Since the requirement to attend Sunday Mass has been dispensed until July 5, live-streamed videos of Mass will continue.
All Masses will be broadcast from North Lake via YouTube. Click here to access the link.
Adoration During COVID-19

Adoration is live-streamed.

Rosary During COVID-19

No rosary will be prayed at church, but you can access online rosary options at Relevant Radio and Ascension with Fr. Mark-Mary and Brother Malachy. 

Holy Days of Obligation

Please check our online calendar for schedule or contact the Parish Office.

Learn more about understanding and appreciating the Mass

Video: A true-life story of two people whose lives were changed by the power of the Mass.