We were blessed to have Mother Mary Catherine as our final guest in the “I Thirst” series about St. Teresa of Calcutta. There was a lot of information provided and requested that night and subsequently. This blog responds to most.

Here is a YouTube video of her presentation on October 22.

The Varanasi letter written by Mother Teresa to her Missionaries is here. The first paragraph was read during the presentation.

The books that Mother Mary Catherine said were favorites of Mother Teresa:

Union with God by Blessed Marmion
One With Jesus Fr. Paul de Jaegher (its hard to find, there are some on ebay perhaps) 
The World’s First Love: Mary, Mother of God by Fulton Sheen
Christ the Life of the Soul by Blessed Marmion

Also, the book about St. Teresa that Mother felt best represented the true voice of Mother Teresa: Secret Fire by Joseph Langford.

The short prayer of Mother Teresa recited by Mother Mary Catherine:

Jesus in my heart.
I believe in your tender love for me.
I love you.

This is a section from a book written by Cornel Rosario, featuring recollections by Mother Mary Catherine, recorded when Cornel interviewed her several years ago.

Mother Mary Catherine also offers an excellent Lectio Divina blog reflecting on the Gospel for the upcoming week. You can go to the blog and enter your email to receive an automatic weekly reflection.