Pastor: Fr. Ken Omernick
Chairperson/Staff Liaison:
 Deacon Allen Olson
Trustee: Kurt Weis
PC Liaison: Dean Connor
PC Liaison: Brian Walsh
Staff Liaison: Rick Berger
Dawn Cull
Steve Foltz
Randy Olejnik
Sean Rierdon
Dawn Timm

The parish finance council, similar to the archdiocesan finance council, “prepares . . . a budget of the income and expenditures which are foreseen” and “at the end of the year examines an account of the revenues and expenses” (c. 493).

The finance council has five main purposes:

  • To provide advice and guidance to the pastor in the administration of parish assets;
  • To prepare the budget and review financial statements;
  • To monitor the financial condition of the parish, including regular audits/reviews and internal financial controls;
  • To review any indebtedness of the parish and assist the pastor in taking care of interest and capital payments; and
  • To provide an annual financial report to the parish.