Our Pastor, Fr. Ken, gave a wonderful homily last weekend, reminding us to be holy and true, and share what we have with those around us. Because God is Real – and what we celebrate at each Mass is real –  we are called to live out our love and acknowledge all our blessings.

We should always be willing to offer time spent in prayer, our talents to support our parish mission, and our financial support to ensure that we have a church that is vibrant and responsive to the needs here and in the greater community.

St. Teresa of Calcutta is grateful to you, our parishioners, who consistently praise God by donating to cover our expenses. However, we are noticeably below our budget projections for the year; this in combination with unexpected capital improvements has put our parish in a challenging position.

Please consider making an additional donation to help us erase our significant deficit. A year-end gift would be especially appreciated, using envelopes or our online option, WeShare.  Contact either of us if you have any questions.

God’s blessings,

Deacon Allen Olson

Christine Slowinski, Director of Stewardship & Evangelization