More than Time, Talent and Treasure

Our parish patroness, St. Teresa of Calcutta, knew the joy of giving and extended Christian stewardship to all she served. Her idea of stewardship was that everything we have is a gift of God. As followers of Jesus we are called to recognize God as the Giver of all good gifts and to return to our Creator a portion of what we have been given.

Through our parish Stewardship Campaign we express our gratitude to God for all we have by committing time spent in prayer, as well as skills and abilities to continue the mission of Jesus on earth. Sharing our gifts in this way creates a spirit of JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself) within our parish family and reflects the spiritual values of St. Teresa.

This provides a summary of all the ministry opportunities available to you in our parish. Please review these ministries and prayerfully consider the ways you can continue or become involved.

Evangelization Committee

Evangelization is why the Church exists. Evangelization is the mission of the Church.  And the mission of evangelization is as simple and compelling as this: “Go and make disciples…” (Mt. 28:19-20).  We evangelize to call, form, send, and make disciples.  Simply put, evangelization is what we as Catholics do. And do we must!

Disciples are ordinary people who have experienced the love, forgiveness, presence, consolation and challenge of God poured out through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Disciples instinctively evangelize, that is they naturally share their experience of God and their faith in him with others. The power of moral example itself evangelizes, as others intuitively sense that such a person lives from a very different center of meaning and purpose than secular society.

Stewardship Committee

Stewardship is often thought of as nothing more than a euphemism for fundraising.  This view of stewardship is fueled by ego, resentment and fear, and is directly opposed to what God asks of us as good and faithful servants. Faithful stewards receive God’s gifts gratefully because they understand that we have done nothing to deserve the bounty showered upon us by our generous God. He has given us all, including his Son, because of his great love for us. Faithful stewards are continually making conscious, firm  decisions about how these gifts, even those that have increased through hard work and individual diligence will be shared with others and returned to the Lord.

At first glance, returning gifts with increase to the Lord can be difficult to grasp. Obviously, God does not need our talents, money or other resources. Yet, we are called to build his kingdom here on earth through good works and active ministry.

From a steward’s perspective, asking for financial support is an opportunity to invite parishioners to actively participate in the good work of the parish. This invitation is issued with the knowledge that God has charged us with using our gifts to serve him and others and in the hope that the Holy Spirit will guide the hearts of parishioners to embrace, and actively participate in, the mission of the parish. From this perspective, money is viewed as a tool to accomplish mission.

Prayer & Worship

The Prayer & Worship Committee nourishes & gives direction to the liturgical aspect of parish life. This Committee ensures that parishioners are provided with opportunities to deepen their faith through a variety of prayer experiences & liturgical celebrations. Parishioners can participate in a number of roles, including:

  • Altar Server: adults and children (4th grade & older) serve at our Masses. A family involvement opportunity. Training provided. Don Burg coordinator.
  • Extraordinary Minister of Eucharist: distributes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ at Mass. Open to confirmed parishioners. Training provided.
  • Proclaimer: proclaims the Word of God at Mass. Training provided.
  • Adult Choir: high school age and older. The choir enhances worship at the 10:30 am Mass at North Lake and 10:00 am Mass at Monches. Weekly rehearsals are on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm, at both North Lake and Monches locations. Our Director, Dr. Nick Poss, is interested in helping our youth expand their ministry potential, either through instrumental music or choral talents. Please contact him at
  • Instrumentalist: supports the assembly at Sunday Masses and feasts.
  • Keyboard/Accompanist: accompanies children’s religious education classes and events, and occasional liturgies with children’s choir, piano intermediate level; good music reading ability desired.
  • Usher: welcomes and assists worshipers at Sunday Masses and holy days.  Scheduled one or two Sundays a month.  Tim Yost, Coordinator
  • Greeter: assists ushers by welcoming worshipers at Sunday Masses and bringing gifts for Eucharist to the altar.
  • Sacristans/Ministers of Worship Environment assist in preparing space and materials for worship.

Christian Concerns

The Christian Concerns Committee discerns needs of persons in the parish and wider community, especially the poor, and identifies resources to meet those needs enlisting the active cooperation of parish members. The committee’s scope of responsibility is two-fold – to meet immediate needs and to work for changes in the structure of society which is oppressive.

The Committee works with various charitable agencies serving the community e.g. North Lake Food Pantry, Loaves and Fishes, Hebron House, Jeremy House, Right to Life projects and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation/Red Cloud School.

  • Loaves & Fishes: is looking for parishioners to bake chicken and desserts or help serve and clean up after the meal twice a year.
  • St. Vincent de Paul: assists in carrying out the human concerns projects of the parish. Meets Wednesday mornings after 8:00 am Mass. manages the North Lake Food Pantry among many other outreach activities.

Parish Life

The Mission Statement of the Christian Women’s Society is “to enhance the spirituality of the women of the parish and community” and by extension, all who come in contact with these women, especially their families. Programs and events are planned to minister to women of all ages and to refresh and renew the spirit. The hope is that each member’s participation is enriched through finding friends, fellowship, and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, the Christian Women Society: meets monthly and is open to all women of the parish. Members attend retreats, enjoy social events, and participate in service projects. Lori Haizel and Ellen Pedersen chairpersons. This Committee would like to expand its membership especially to those women who typically attend Mass at the North Lake location  to better serve its ministry. Interested women are asked to call the Parish Office @ 966-2191, and leave their name so someone may contact you.

Parish Administration

St. Teresa of Calcutta has a Parish Office which provides administrative support for various Parish activities including accounting, finance, religious education, music & liturgy, ministry of care, all Parish socials & special events and building & grounds.  Parishioners are asked to praise God by helping in the following ways:

  • Parish mailings, communications or special projects.
  • Work as a receptionist occasionally or assist with miscellaneous jobs as needed.

Finance Council

In March of 2013, St. Teresa of Calcutta adopted the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Finance Council Norms which defined the purpose of the Council as follows:

  • Provide advice and guidance to the Pastor in the administration of parish assets.
  • Prepare the parish budget, any budgets for extraordinary expenditures, and review financial statements.
  • Monitor the financial condition of the parish, including regular financial reviews/audits as well as the internal financial controls by following the recommendations in the audit/review.
  • Review any indebtedness of the parish and assists the pastor in fulfilling his obligations under canon 1284.5 (“pay the interest on a loan or mortgage when it is due and take care that the capital debt itself is repaid in due time).
  • Provide assistance in the formulation and communication of an annual financial report to the parish community as required by canon 1287.2

This Committee currently is fully staffed: however, if you’d like to be considered for any future openings, please contact Fr. Bill  @ 966-2191.

Building & Ground Committee

The Building & Ground Committee oversees the maintenance & upkeep of parish property, buildings and cemetery grounds. Plans for the future needs and capital improvements of the Parish are reviewed & discussed by Committee members. And it coordinates several Parish Workdays during the year so that various projects can be completed.

Pastoral Council

While the pastoral care of the parish is entrusted in a special way to the pastor as the shepherd of the community, a parish council is provided in every parish to assist the pastor in fostering the pastoral activity of the parish.  A parish council is a group of people, chosen from and by the parish community, who together with the parish priest guide the direction of the parish, oversee its pastoral activity and temporal affairs as the community attempts to fulfill the mission of the church.

At St. Teresa of Calcutta, each spring parishioners are asked to nominate individuals to serve on the Council.  Registered baptized parishioners over the age of 18 are eligible.  Those nominated discern three parishioners each year to serve on the Council for a 3-year term.

If you have any questions about this ministry, contact Mary Jo Romportl @ 966-2191.

Christian Formation

Christian formation can be defined as the process of growth toward wholeness in Christ. It is the journey of being transformed by the Holy Spirit into the likeness of Christ, experiencing and expressing his love for God and for others.  The relationship between discipleship and Christian formation may not be clearly understood. Discipleship can be simply defined by Jesus call, “Follow me.” It’s learning from Jesus through personal devotion to him as Lord, obedience to his word; ultimately it’s becoming like him.

At St. Teresa of Calcutta, the Christian Formation Committee along with the Pastor and staff, guides the educational and spiritual formation of the parish. It promotes Christian Formation as a lifelong process aimed at personal conversion and growth in the faith. And it guides sacramental preparation, adult and family, and youth and young adult formation programs and activities. Following are the key tasks of Christian Formation:

  • Religious Education Catechist: religious education teachers for preschool through (11th grade) high school during the school year. Training and excellent resources provided.
  • Adult Formation Volunteer: assist with scripture studies and preparation for the Advent, Lent and other liturgical year celebrations.
  • Vacation Bible School Volunteer: assist with the annual Vacation Bible School held at the parish each year in July.
  • Workcamp: each summer, teens and adults spend a week painting, repairing, etc. homes in a poor section of America. Help is needed with fund-raising, training, etc
  • Family Events: a Lenten Family Night is a great opportunity to meet others in our parish family.